Original Sin

From the moment I first heard this song, I was smitten.  Evoking New Orleans (or at least my image of it), this song leaves me breathless every time I listen to it, perhaps because it hits so close to home.

We all have our secrets, some of us even have our sins. I know you’ve felt this way about someone, something, sometime in your life.

I can’t eat, can’t sleep
Still I hunger for you when you look at me
That face, those eyes
All the sinful pleasures deep inside

And then, of course, more brilliant Taupin imagery…

Up in the balcony
All the Romeo’s are bleeding for your hand
Blowing theater kisses
Reciting lines they don’t understand

Only recently did I discover the video with Mandy Moore.  OMG, this is EXACTLY what I was like and what I dreamed of  back in the 70s.  I even had many of those very same posters plastered to the wall beside my bottom bunk bed. Scary.

A special shout out to Miquel Sala, who earlier this year orchestrated a special birthday present for EJ, trying to make Original Sin #1 worldwide.  We came up a little short, but it’s so great to know there are kindred spirits out there.  Next year!

And here is Original Sin

Original Sin (Songs from the West Coast – 2001)


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