Musings from The Union, Part 2

Hey Ahab…It’s a dream come true! I’m in Mandalay again, wearing my monkey suit and my eight hundred dollar shoes…and I’m going to Shiloh for the Union during the best part of the day. I should’ve sent roses, but…since there’s no tomorrow, you’re never too old to live Jimmie Rodgers’ dream…You know, if it wasn’t for bad, no hearts (would) have turned to stone, because even when love is dying and you’re in my kind of hell, you’re (still) in the hands of angels…

Ok, so that’s a silly little ditty from moi, but I think it just goes to show that the music on The Union ties together so very nicely,  just as Elton and Leon’s voices, pianos and musical stylings do, too.

It’s been three weeks, and I’m still enjoying the album.  Each time I listen to it, I hear something new, something else to appreciate, something else to fawn over.   Just today, I listened to “My Kind of Hell” and “Mandalay Again” for the first time using speakers other than my laptop’s…I really do like both of these tunes, but especially “Mandalay Again.”  One of the best tracks on the album.  (I’m not sure why it’s only included on the Deluxe CD/DVD).   This is one of the only songs where they really do blend their vocals (vs. Elton singing one verse and Leon another) – and it works extraordinarily well.  Perhaps they can do more of that on The Union Part 2 (hint, hint)…

My daughter likes “Mandalay Again,” too…she heard it for the first time today and commented on it (something about it being a pretty song).  Coming unprompted from a 15-year old, I think that’s pretty good, don’t you?  Could that mean it is prime for air play?  It should be!  Alas, I know the reality, and that isn’t likely to happen.  Besides, Elton says he isn’t interested in making pop music any more, just real music…and that he (they) did with The Union.


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