The Top Ten (as if…)

My Top Ten favorite EJ songs (as if I can really limit it to 10 – puhleeeze!):

  1. Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters (despite the fact that it is about NYC, the lyrics are  pure poetry, Elton’s voice is perfection and the orchestration/musicality is magnificent)
  2. Amoreena (“I can see her, sittin’ eatin’, apples in the evening, the fruit juice, flowing slowly slowly slowly down the bronze of her body”)
  3. The Greatest Discovery (once again, poetry – and it always makes my cry! Ask my sister Cindy about the time I tried to read the words to her)
  4. Original Sin (The voice!  And, of course, the lyrics: “Up in the balcony, all the Romeo’s are bleeding for your hand, blowing theater kisses, reciting lines they don’t understand”)
  5. Where to Now St. Peter (“Dazzling, dancing, half enchanted in my merlin sleep” and of course the floaty melody)
  6. Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding (A classic)
  7. Mandalay Again (A recent add – “I was younger then and foolish, come back, I’d like to find the time”)
  8. Carla/Etude/Fanfare/Chloe (Beautiful orchestration and of course my daughter’s namesake song)
  9. Tiny Dancer (How could it not be on the list?)
  10. Planes (A recently discovered favorite, it’s actually an outtake, believe it or not)

And there you go…at least, that’s today’s version of the list.  I reserve the right to change my mind at any time!


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