I see hope in every cloud

Well, I guess it would have been more timely of me to post this on Thanksgiving, but I was enjoying my family and friends too much.  I was thinking about this song on Thanksgiving, though!  When I hear it, I can’t help but reflect on the blessings of my life.  Simple abundance.

And I’ve got all that I’m allowed
It’ll do for me, I’m thankful now
The walls get higher every day
The barriers get in the way
But I see hope in every cloud
And I’m thankful, thankful
I’m thankful, So thankful
I’m thankful, I’ve got all that I’m allowed

This is one of those songs that can only come in the latter years of one’s career, with some maturity and (dare I say) age.  It may not be as  provocative or imagerial as their earlier tunes, but the message still hits home:  Be thankful for what you’ve got, despite – or in spite of – what life hands you.

I always hoped that I’d do better
That I’d come out on top for once
We all get what we’re delivered
Then there are the lucky ones

And it’s a message that I wish I would keep top of mind every day…but I sometimes (often?) lose it all somewhere between the cracks.  I am reminded of those days when I’ve been holed up in my home office for far too long, or my kids have been bickering, or who knows what else I’m allowing to cause discord and discomfort – and I go outside and all of a sudden I find myself noticing how the fronds on the palms glisten in the sunlight against the crystal backdrop of the blue, blue South Florida sky.  Almost a revelation, it’s like “Wow, where have I been?”  And how can you not see hope in every cloud then?

(And wasn’t that very magnanimous of Elton to tell concert Security to let people take as many pictures as they want)?!

All That I’m Allowed (I’m Thankful) – Peachtree Road 2004

Every flame that ever moved you…

…touched your lips but never mine…Ah, Bernie, you’ve done it again!

A song about love gone amiss – perhaps doomed from the start – quite fitting for an album entitled Breaking Hearts.  No, it’s not a new theme, even for the boys, but one that is portrayed in this song with a decidedly different twist.

It used to be a sweet sensation
No price too high for love
Now I pay for this bitter taste
And the price is not enough

I love the quirky musicality…I always thought the chorus in particular was disturbingly onomatopoetic (can you apply that to music)?   To me, the notes absolutely mirror someone jumping  off a building – repeatedly going from high to low, with the chorus ending abruptly.  Am I stretching it here? Listen to it – I’d love to know what you think.

And lovers leap off burning buildings
Waking up on a sky high wire
Desperation leaves us clinging
On the edge of a house on fire
Lovers leap off burning buildings
Live our life on borrowed time
Every flame that ever moved you
Touched your lips but never mine

I think what I like most about this song is the totality of it – the whole is greater than the sum of its parts concept.  It’s not the lyrics, the music, the vocals by themselves.  But together, you’ve got a noteworthy (blogworthy?) tune.

No room for conversation
Cold stares and angry words
Fall in pieces from our faces
We read “do not disturb”

Burning Buildings

Burning Buildings (Breaking Hearts – 1984)