Christmas 2012

Ok, so I went a little over the top for Christmas this year. Perhaps that’s because I was lucky enough to see EJ in concert FIVE.TIMES. in 2012!  I’m still riding that amazing high.

Wanna see, wanna see?

Here’s my splurge for Christmas 2012…

My blinged out iPhone case!

My blinged out iPhone case!

Somehow, it just seems appropos…Elton and bling are synonymous, wouldn’t you agree?  And trust me, this photo doesn’t do the case justice.  It is so sparkly, especially in the sunlight.  Made of all Swarovski crystals, just like EJ’s jackets for the Million Dollar Piano Show.

Here’s the original from which the case was designed.  It’s the Time Magazine cover circa 1975 which featured Elton as Rock’s Captain Fantastic.  (Used to have that cover hanging on my wall as a teenager, btw):

The Original

The Original

Can you say AWESOME?  I mean, really. A special shout out to Ice Diva Designs, who created my lovely Christmas present.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  You should check out some of her other creations…Her Marilyn Monroe case is amazing!

In the spirit of the season, I wish all of you the wonders and joys of Christmas, shared with lots of family, friends and love (and perhaps an Elton John song or two). Because, despite the splurges and the over the topness, that’s what’s Christmas is all about.

P.S. There’s another little EJ gift under the tree for me this year…from my son and daughter (although they have no idea).  Came all the way from Russia.  I’ll share with you soon.


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