Collecting submarine numbers on the main street of the sea

I’ve met a lot of fellow Eltonites – really cool people, I might add – through Facebook and other social media outlets. Who would have thought there were other (obsessed?) people like me out there?

One of the things that struck me about these new friends is how loyal they are, not only to Elton and Bernie, but to each other.  It is very gratifying.

Another thing: I used to think I knew a lot about Elton, but, my goodness, my new friends put me to shame!

I’ve also been struck by the magnitude of memorabilia and collectibles out there. I could kick myself for not keeping some of my EJ items over the years (yes, I even discarded ticket stubs).  My collection pales in comparison to many of my fellow Eltonites’, but it provides me with much satisfaction.  I guess I’ve got all that I’m allowed.

Anyhoo, I thought I’d share with you my humble collection.  Let’s start with what I call the Shrine.  I don’t have a whole room dedicated to Elton like some of my compatriots  – YET.  (Sorry, Wayne).  Just one third of a wall unit:

The Shrine

The Shrine

Of course, there are the requisite CDs, albums, and videos…but some of my personal favorites are the Christopher Radko Christmas ornament, given to me by my sister Cindy), the Elton John Russian Doll set and the scrapbook from my trip to Vegas last year to see the Million Dollar Piano Show. (Try not to notice that my Captain Fantastic bobblehead is missing – it had a bit of an accident…ouch! Can you  say Super Glue)?

My latest addition: The Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road ice cream container from Ben & Jerry’s commemorating Elton’s first concert in Vermont in 2010…courtesy of Ms. Lucy Frisk.

I’ve just now started collecting pins/badges as well as 45s, inspired by those avid EJ collectors I mentioned earlier. The price point is reasonable for both of these types of collectibles. I’ve got a ways to go before I even come close to what they have, but it’s fun finding items and expanding the collection.

In the same room, I have my wall of EJ…using album covers as art (I can switch them around as I wish):

The Wall

The Wall

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my Bernie artwork – signed by the man himself – of which I am a proud owner:

French Quarter pour moi

French Quarter pour moi

Finally, I’ve got a very modest collection of T-shirts.  I’m not a T-shirt wearer, so I never got into collecting them (although I kind of regret it now). I do like the women’s versions (with their ever flattering v-necks), except that they seem to be made for the physique of the average teenage girl (AKA, they are very tiny).  I mean, who do they think most Elton fans are?

The Closet

The Closet

So there you go.  Forty years of my life can fit into some shelves, a few walls and part of closet.  But these are just things, of course.  What’s truly valuable (and cherished) are the memories that are forever etched in my heart.

So keep well, keep well old friend
And have another drink on me
Just ignore all the others you got your memories
You got your memories


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